Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nova #23

Look at that cover. How do you think I feel about this? That's right, this was a lot of fun. DnA keep rolling out the surprises and make an entertaining issue even when the biggest surprise is on the cover. We also find out the identity of the new Nova Prime (yeah, choosing a Shi'Ar is a real smooth move, Worldmind!) I was also happy to see Dr. Necker's other employers, since I thought she had ties to those guys in her Death's Head II work, but I may be misremembering. I am a bit disappointed to see HAMMER shutting down Project Pegasus though, I loved that setup as the HQ for Richard Rider, and it was such a great Mark Gruenwald creation (with homage character Dr. Gruenwald working there, of course!) I don't think this Quasar/Rider hybrid is going to last a long time, but it should be fun to see how it works during War of Kings. I also hope that Wendell Vaughn gets to stick around after the story too. He and Richard Rider have a lot in common and at this point they probably have similar experience. Quasar would make for one heck of a recurring guest-star.

Andrea De Vito is a great fit for this book. He draws like John Byrne, so he can handle just about everything that comes up, and his ladies look nice too. I used to think his work was too stiff, but he's much better at action sequences now.


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