Monday, April 6, 2009

GI Joe #3

Here we go! Chuck Dixon is getting to the action now, and I'm digging it. He spends a lot of time showing the fight between Destro and Baroness. It seems that Destro isn't holding up his end of the Cobra deal somewhere? That part of the story is fine, but I'm much more interested in seeing how Dixon will be developing the actual Joes at the Pit. Beach Head and Duke get to shine in this one, as their banter is a lot of fun and it is great seeing them come off so competently. I loved Duke warning Beach that his sharp-shooter reputation is on the line when they engage the small bot in the server farm. RocknRoll shows up in this issue too, and I don't believe he had any actual lines of dialogue, he only sings. That's a fun conceit for him and I hope Dixon can keep it up for awhile. The accents on the robot-pilots is a bit thicker in this one, I could barely understand them some of the time. I will say the spider-robots come dangerously close to one of my golden rules of comics: No ninjas or robots as the villains in the first story of a new comic (I'm considering adding a zombie clause). I'm only letting this slide because we see the robot-operators and technically Destro and Baroness are showing up. But I'm hoping for more actual combat soon. Dixon has hooked me on the overall plot, as I did feel like the Joes are actually threatened if that data-mining bot gets out.

Robert Atkins' art looked better here, with less stiff-panels than in his previous issues. His work is getting stronger in each issue.


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