Sunday, April 12, 2009

Deadpool: Games of Death #1

Mike Benson does a decent job writing Deadpool in a style that kind of mixes the current Daniel Way take and the classic Deadpool character. There is a small bit of the internal debates and hallucinations like Way uses, one of which is actually quite funny when DP sees his current employer as the monopoly man. However, most of the issue is from 3rd person, so we don't see as much of DP's crazy internal monologue. The story is fairly generic, with a bunch of contestants on an reality show where the losers die. I did kind of like Benson's recreation of a bunch of action movie characters. He has analogs of Steven Segal, Jean Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Shaft, Jackie Chan, Kurt Russell, and more. I guess I was a little disappointed that these characters were killed off as quickly as they were, since there is some potential in seeing DP interact with those archetypes. My issue is that the whole book gets played mostly for laughs, and I think there was actually some potential for a more exciting, normal story. That said, the twists are fine, and overall the book is a good one for Deadpool fans.

Shawn Crystal's work is new to me, and he's a little cartoony for my tastes. His action looks good though, and his filtered celebrities are good enough to make it clear who each is supposed to be.


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