Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Secret Six #8

The madcap pacing of the earlier parts of this series have tapered off in the last couple issues as things go back to normal. This issue focuses on the downtime between missions as Deadshot and Jeannette head out on date, joined by Scandal Savage and the red-headed stripper from issue 1. I found the whole deal with the stripper to be a little too cute, a little too much of a coincidence, although I did find myself liking her later as a character. And I'm ashamed to admit I have no idea who the guy debasing himself for Scandal is. Is he a new character? How have I totally forgotten him? Did I miss an issue (the last I read was the resolution of the Junior storyline). So I felt a tad more lost than I usually do reading this book. The running gag involves the rednecks from earlier issues as they attempt to take out the dining villains, and Deadshot has to continually brush them off without killing them, due to a promise he's made to the others that he would behave. I enjoy stories like these, since they make the breakneck paced issues seem more anxious, you can't just jump from one panic to another. There was nothing Earth-shaking going on though.

Carlos Rodriguez's art is decent, but not as good as what Nicola Scott usually does each month. Overall, this is a pretty strong filler issue.


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