Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Avengers: The Initiative Special: Reptil #1

Ok, Reptil is spelled ridiculously, he has kind of terrible powers, and he's not very cool looking. That said, he's a great new character. He comes from a classic Marvel background (missing parents, and he's being raised by an awesome grandfather), a strong sense of responsibility, and a healthy fandom of the other heroes of the Marvel U. So I definitely could stand to see more of the character, he's pretty darn fun. He is left in a neat place too, so there is a lot of potential in his next story. I have faith that Christos Gage will pick it up somewhere too, there is no one better at handling ongoing plots wherever he has to, that is, he'll pick this up in any special or annual he has to in order to continue this story. I'll be waiting.

The rest of the Initiative is pretty neat in this, as Gage gives each of them some time to shine. He really makes Tigra a great leading character here. She's an established hero with a good rep and a kind outlook, she really shines. I love how she recapped her own early Avengers days, and Reptil's description of her smelling like a mountain lion was logical, and hilarious. It was nice to get to see more of Prodigy too, I'd say he got the most development time here after Tigra, since most of the Komodo info we already knew. It is nice seeing how well used Komodo and Cloud 9 are though, like they are pillars of the Marvel U now. Bat Boy is always nice to see too. I believe he is a Untold Tales of Spidey character, so him sounding so much like an early Peter Parker is a nice touch. If I'm wrong, disregard that last sentence.

Steve Uy is not my favorite. I don't like how computerized the coloring is in his work, and everyone's faces look kind of puffy and too young. However, he did a good job in this issue. His storytelling was clear and his dinosaurs looked pretty darn neat. I especially liked when Reptil turned into a duckbill for his big honk.


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