Friday, April 3, 2009

Dark Avengers #3

Bendis spends most of this issue on a flashback showing how Norman Osborn managed to finagle the Sentry onto his team. I was fine with it, although it does belittle the Void. If he truly is just an aspect of Sentry's psyche as Osborn suggests, then Sentry is a bigger threat to the Earth than the Hulk, and he should have been handled by actual heroes. I did really enjoy seeing terrified Lindy lying in bed as her crazy husband cries and rants with Osborn. That would be terrifying.

The rest of the issue follows the still-standing Dark Avengers and Osborn as they fight off Morgan Le Fay. Only when Dr. Doom finally shares tech with Osborn do the two of them have a chance as they head back to the past to face Le Fay. This was an average story, but the problem is that I'm not interested in seeing the Dark Avengers handle this kind of threat. This is an Avengers story, and these guys are villains. I know the whole idea is to see how villains adapt when placed in this heroic role, but I want to see them get messed up by actual heroes. I had worried how Dark Avengers could maintain itself as an ongoing title, and now I see how, but that isn't what I wanted from the title. I could use an actual protagonist at some point.

Mike Deodato owns these characters now. There wasn't enough Moonstone for me this issue, but Venom and Bullseye did get some nice exposure.


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