Friday, April 24, 2009

Captain America #49

Ed Brubaker takes a break from Winter Cap to present this story catching us up with Sharon Carter and the Falcon as they recover and follow up after the big Red Skull story from a few months ago. While Sharon is moping around her family's home in Virginia, the Falcon is out following up on clues on the whereabouts of "Bad Cap" as they decide to call him. The issue is a nice little interlude showing how traumatic the impact of a comic book life would really be. Sharon has got a lot of problems following her around now, and you've got to feel awful for her as the worst one comes to light towards the end of the issue. I enjoyed the parallel between Sharon and her Aunt Peggy in their memory loss, but having Bad Cap show up to drill Peggy for information is really pretty interesting. If Bad Cap thinks that he's the real Cap, then finding out what a good guy the real Cap is might actually make him a bit more heroic. It could be neat seeing where this goes. I certainly wouldn't have minded a bit more action in this issue, especially with the Falcon, but it was a nice character piece. The action has been pretty high-octane for months, so I don't mind this falling back to the style Bru was using in the early parts of this run. For the record, I don't think that is Steve coming back in Doom's time platform, at least not the one who led the Avengers. It could be a WWII era guy or perhaps Steve's kid or something. I will say I HOPE that it is the 1602 Cap, returned from some kind of time-exile. But I'm not sure how getting shot in the chest would have set that up...

Luke Ross' art fits right in with the tone Steve Epting has established for this volume of Cap. Falcon in particular looked pretty tough.


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