Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #2

Jonathan Hickman is going to be a fine writer for Fantastic Four. DR: FF is so far focused on Reed and the kids, and Hickman is doing a great job with them. Reed is observing parallel Earths, finding out what was necessary for the Civil War to end on a brighter note. The alternate realities are fun little one-offs, and I really enjoyed Reed's summary of how each world functioned. Reed's current theory is hilariously typical too: Super-hero registration would have worked if Reed had done it alone. That's what I love about Reed Richards, he's incapable of finding that he is to blame for something. Hickman does less with Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and the Thing. Their only panel-time comes in alternate world settings where they kind of get the show stolen around them. I was much more interested in the Avengers characters in the King Arthur type world than in the FF. That doesn't mean it was a bad idea, just that the focus was on non-title characters.

Sean Chen is one of my faves, and I loved his work in this one, especially on the alternate Earth versions of the many heroes who show up in this one. I'd read an Avengers book based on those designs.


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