Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Battle for the Cowl #2

I totally don't understand the wildly inconsistent competence of the heroes involved in Battle for the Cowl. Robin is an idiot, Damian is basically a moving target dummy, Catwoman is ineffective, and Nightwing is still just lurching around the bat-cave with a mullet. How does this not weaken all those characters for future appearances? Jason Todd was the only character in this thing that seemed like he is capable of defending Gotham, so I'm starting to think he might actually be the best man for the job. I'm sure that my disdain for the whole Battle for the Cowl concept is coloring my read of this series, but it seems that the charaterizations are way off. Two Face makes some pretty big moves, including shooting someone, without consulting with his coin. Isn't that the whole point? I like the idea of teaming up a buch of C-list bat-villains like Zsasz, Jane Doe, and Firefly, but didn't Firefly get killed in Infinite Crisis? I'm almost certain that he did. This happened with Anima recently in the Prometheus 1-shot too. DC has killed so many people recently that they are just bringing them back blind.

This really is just an average comic and doesn't really tell much of a story, although I do kind of like the narration Tony Daniel gives Jason Todd. I'm also wishing we had some Knight and Squire action like the cover promises!

Tony Daniel has some nice looking pencils in this one, particularly how he draws the evil Batman suit worn by Jason Todd. I would have loved to see the yellow oval suit come back on a more regular basis. Since Tim Drake gets whupped on while wearing it here, I bet we won't see it again for awhile.


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