Monday, April 20, 2009

Daredevil #117

The opening chapter to the new arc in DD starts a bit slow. There is some action with Master Izo and DD taking on the hand, but it isn't until the closing chapters that Ed Brubaker really nails a fantastic scene. Most of the issue recaps DD current status quo, and it is neat seeing the wringer that DD has been through since Brubaker took over. His personal life is still in shambles. Everyone is still out to get poor Matt Murdock and sometimes it seems like the only thing going right is his Daredevil work. That comes to a halt this issue as Kingpin shows up and declares war on the Hand, and he wants DD involved. That's the great closing scene that really makes the issue. I did also like the confrontation DD has with the private investigator who snapped the shots of Matt and Dakota. DD comes off as a real jerk here, and it was neat that I actually found myself feeling for the investigator, I wouldn't have guessed I'd have that response, but DD was too much of a brutal maniac to be the identifiable character in the scene.

Sometimes I think this book would read better in trade, but I can't make myself wait on it.

Michael Lark's art looks wonderful this issue. The fight in the snow on the rooftops of New York looked magical. And the frumpy private dick is a wonderful character, he shines even though he's only in a few scenes and I'm sure we'll never see him again. He looks awful with the broken nose when he grovels to Dakota in the diner.

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