Friday, April 17, 2009

Ms. Marvel #37

Well. I guess this is about the best I could hope for. I've been saying for a few months that I couldn't really keep track of the new spy background for Ms. Marvel, and it is only fitting that she gets killed off in her own title while dealing with these weird plots. Some spies betray other spies, some of whom are ex-boyfriends or handlers of Carol Danvers while she battles a super-powered terrorist who got super powers from Norman Osborn for a reason I'm not sure about. Ms. M's death is through an explosion, which along with death is the #1 survivable death in comics, so I'll put my guess in now: she's going to come back as Binary for awhile and hang out in space. Probably until Dark Reign is over and Moonstone goes back to her old name. At this point, I'm curious to see how Brian Reed handles writing Karla Soften as Ms. Marvel. Since I was never fond of his take on Carol Danvers, I'm keen to see if I connect any more with a more villainous lead. The Ms. Marvel concept is still a good one, and I'm hoping we'll still see her as deputy leader in New Avengers, but frankly, I'm happy that she won't be showing up in stories where she is a poor fit like these spy adventures.

Pat Oliffe delivers fine artwork here, as he always does. I still can't tell those spies apart though.


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