Thursday, April 30, 2009

Neat Morrison News!

Robot 6 reports that Grant Morrison will be doing some sort of connected 1-shots, 7 of them to be precise, exploring 7 different Earths and the heroes that populate them. He's calling it Multiversity, which is silly, but oh well.

Some thoughts on confirmed and possible worlds:

He's already confirmed one will be a Captain Marvel/Shazam Earth in an "All-Star Superman" mode, so that should be awesome.

Another will be the Charlton/Watchmen Earth he's talked about before. I'll take it since that will mean more Ted Kord Blue Beetle.

I wonder if we'll get more pulp-action style heroes like we saw in the Final Crisis sketchbook?

I suppose it is too much to hope for a JLI-era world, isn't it?

I always liked the JLA elseworld 1-shots, seeing those again could be fun too.

This feels to me more like the old Elseworlds concepts than the rampant crossover-bait that made up the Countdown-multiverse. Plus with Morrison supposedly setting up each of these Earths to have an ongoing series, there is potential for a setup I enjoy more than the current DCU. Neat stuff!

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