Sunday, April 26, 2009

Titans #12

Sean McKeever takes over to write the Titans chapter of Deathtrap this month, and I find myself totally uninterested in it. While I've been enjoying the Teen Titans recently, the Titans themselves are still a bunch of dysfunctional, mopey adults riddled with traitors in their own ranks. I'm not convinced that Raven is good, we know Jericho is irredeemably bad, and I know Cyborg and Beast Boy have both been bad for short times too. Arsenal is a doofus and Wally West/Flash is becoming more and more of an unlikable Dad. I do like Starfire though, and Donna Troy handles things pretty competently in this lead in. For some reason she decides it is a good idea to involve the murdering Vigilante (I still think he's Wild Dog!) in the Titans' affairs, and so they stage a fake battle against the recently freed Cyborg to draw Vigilante to their compound. I'm not sure why the Titans would want to have anything to do with Vigilante, as he's pretty much their opposite, but oh well. Things really kicked off in the Titans Annual prelude for Deathtrap, so this issue was mostly setting up the pieces for the rest of the story. I will add that I don't think Jericho can be redeemed at this point. It may be true that parts of the psyche of everyone he's possessed still reside in his head, but you can't excuse the full on evil that Jericho has been doing. He's murdered dozens of people at this point, and he needs to be taken out.

Angel Unzuetta art is average in this, although he does have a nice take on Vigilante at the end.


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