Friday, April 17, 2009

Gears of War #5

Maybe my interest in this comic waxes and wanes with how much I'm playing the game. I'm taking a break from Gears of War 2 while I burn through the Orange Box, so I find myself not as engrossed in this book as I was in the early issues. It doesn't help that some of the neater aspects of world-exploring present in early issues is gone, replaced by lots of shooting and shouting. Don't get me wrong, those are essential elements of this franchise. There are still good things here too, the entire sequence with new COG Jace trapped under cement was great, I loved the interspersed flashbacks as he remembers a similar predicament as a kid. I love seeing more of the Gears world, cities, and surrounding characters, so elements that seem like game levels transported into a comic just can't hold up as well. This isn't bad, and Joshua Ortega has the feel and dialogue down pat, this just wasn't one of the stronger issues.

Liam Sharp is the perfect artist for this book. No one could do this better, I'm convinced.


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