Saturday, April 11, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #34

Peter Tomasi continues writing one of the most consistent comics on the stands. As things begin ramping up for Darkest Night, GLC is setting up nice conflicts for almost the entire cast. Sodam Yat and Arisia are lining up against Mongul on Daxam, Soranik is heading back to Korugar - no doubt to be involved with Sinestro's daughter (she couldn't be that daughter, could she?), and there is a break out in the science cells of Oa. There is plenty going on here, much of it established previously in this title. In addition, Krybb's rehabilitation as a Star Sapphire is ongoing too, so I'm sure that won't end well. This book is a masterful balance of plots, with the entire ensemble of characters getting quality screen time while the main story moves towards the overarching plot of the DCU. I never thought I would care so much about the GL's jailor, or about the kids Krybb has taken, but Tomasi has me anxiously awaiting each and every issue so I can see how all of these compessing stories develops. The great thing is that it isn't all plot, when Sodam Yat's mother shows up, we have some great interaction with the two of them, and his anger at her and his homeworld is palpable. This is a great comic, and while Tomasi does bring the gore (check out the bystanders getting smashed during the Mongul fight on Daxam), he balances it out and usually gives the gore meaning.

What can I say about Patrick Gleason, who always brings his A game to this title. He's a DC MVP penciller at this point.


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