Saturday, April 11, 2009

Young X-Men #12

I'm not exactly sorry to see this title go, but I do think there was some potential in this series that was never explored. I really like Anole as a character, and his reactions this issue to Dust's "death" were pretty neat. There has been an awful mortality rate amongst New X-Men, so it is neat seeing him complain about it. Rockslide and Graymalkin are pretty neat characters too, and I loved the future Dust design in the Daniel Acuna pencilled flash-forwards. It is clear how Marc Guggenheim had to rush to wrap up his story when the book was cancelled, and I can't help but wonder if he would have presented the initial "evil Cyclops" story in another way had he known how much it would confuse people. It was hard to come back to the book for the new status quo with Sunspot and Mirage joining the cast. That probably should have been issue 2 at the latest, as it was, it took way too long to get to the actual ongoing team setup. I can't say I'm too interested in the new Cypher, but Graymalkin seems like a character who could pop up in an interesting fashion from time to time. I think Guggenheim wrote Ink out in a neat way too. Since he's in a coma, he could certainly come back, but if no writers want to use him he's written out effectively too. The flash-forward was entertaining, and I liked the alternating pages of present and future, but I am pretty certain no one will ever pick up on the evil Dust wiping out mutants storyline. I don't think she rates enough to have this followed up on.

Roger Bonet's inks over Rafa Sandoval's pencils look wonderful. This is the best the series has looked since the beginning. Rockslide's texture looks fantastic in the opening sequence during his rage. Daniel Acuna is always good, and as I said, his redesign for Dust's costume in the future was great, I'd love to see it used soon.


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