Monday, April 27, 2009

4 year-old reviews Tiny Titans #15

I like "Ka-Bunny" because it doesn't say "Ka-Boom." The boy says "don't do it" but the monkey did it. Then the bunnies are all on their heads! I like the girls in the little Terror Titans. I like Copperhead because he says "fwee" when that girl asked what they wanted to eat. He likes bananas. They wanted the nachos to be hotter and hotter and hotter. Then when that guy has one his eyes twirled and twirled and I didn't like that. The bunny says "Shazam" then he has Shazam's costume. I like Kroc's hair because it is blue.

(Regarding the cover) Why does Star have yellow skin? Why is she an alien. Beast Boy can turn into bunnies.

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