Monday, April 13, 2009

Savage Dragon #146

This book has become too darn depressing. All the cops of Dragon's district were killed last issue, leaving him overcome with guilt. Dragon's friend Alex narrates this issue, explaining why she just can't handle sticking around. She's too personally invested with Dragon himself, and too terrified that proximity to him will lead to her death. Like I said, a real bummer. The parts of the issue I liked best were the fights with the super-hookers (how can you not like that?) That felt like the Savage Dragon I've read about for many years. The scene with Dragon's kids was good too, and proved that Larsen can advance the story and move things along while keeping things fresh. However, the general tone is so damn depressing I don't get any of the fun I used to from the book. Larsen needs to lighten things up or I'm afraid more people will check out. I miss the big fights with neat villains, the awesome guest stars, and most of all the sense of anything can happen fun that was this book's core concept for years.

Larsen's art is always a treat for me. I love his character designs and this issue is no exception. The super-chicks looked great, with some looking like original creations while others were clear homages to existing characters.


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