Tuesday, April 14, 2009

War of Kings #2

There was basically no way the second issue of this series could match the first for break-neck thrills and action. Sure enough, this issue is solid, but doesn't have quite the same level of breathless excitement that came from reading issue 1. That's partially because this is the strikeback issue, where the Kree get to get their licks in and start smashing up the Shi'ar. The other reason is that of our principal characters, only Havok and Triton really "do" a lot here, the others kind of recover, talk, or fly ships. That's not saying this issue is boring, because the characters are developing nicely. The idea of Crystal as a princess of the people is very interesting and I love the jealousy that I'm hearing in Medusa's voice when she talks about her sister. In fact, it seems Polaris has been more supportive of Crystal in this book than her own sis. Maximus creates some giant robots to mess up the Shi'ar and I find myself really enjoying him as this mad-inventor type, he's been a villain so long, it is neat seeing him in this role now that Black Bolt is giving him some kind of direction.

The big cliffhanger is a strong one. Vulcan is getting more and more annoyed that the Kree are actually having some success against him, so he starts crying and screaming about how he'll "kill them all" starting with Lillandra. Gladiator is the closest to the scene, and I'm fascinated to see how he reacts. Will he really let his former queen die? Gladiator narrates most of the issue (although it is easy to lose track that it is him) and I'm really not sure what he'll do.

Paul Pelletier turns in another great looking issue. I do wish the new chorus-bots looked a little more like Kree Sentries though, not just like big robot Black Bolts.


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