Thursday, April 23, 2009

X-Men: Kingbreaker #4

Well, that was anti-climactic. We had a whole set up with new villains and a big confrontation between Havok and Vulcan, but when it comes time to resolve anything, the groups split up, promising to face off again soon (see War of Kings, True Believers!). Chris Yost did a decent job building up his new villains, many with ties to the cosmic Marvel U, but he was unable to provide any type of closure in this story. I realize that was editorially driven, but I can't imagine people will satisfied reading only this series. I did think it was interesting that Korvus and Marvel Girl lost the Phoenix force, and having Deathbird taking out of circulation like this in War of Kings is an interesting choice. I am bummed that Raza didn't make it out with the Starjammers, but I'm even more bummed that I've been reading War of Kings and didn't realize he was missing. The Starjammers are absolutely decimated these days. They are barely recognizable as the team I dug back in my youth (with Corsair, Binary, and Hepzibah among my favorites on the team). We all know that they will stay the Starjammers as long as Ch'od is on the team though, he's the top tier guy of that group as far as I'm concerned. Yost did do a good job showing the remaining 'Jammers kicking some butt, especially the ultra-powered Havok just wailing on Vulcan. I loved seeing Vulcan so torn up and scared dealing with his brother. Havok is a neat character, and I liked how he was willing to finish the job in their confrontation, but again, the editorial interference kept Havok from getting anything real accomplished. I also hope we don't see Gladiator's cousin again, I think having two characters like that weakens the coolness of the original.

Dustin Weaver has an Al Rio-type style that works well on Polaris and Marvel Girl, but not as well on other stuff. His male characters and aliens have a Jim Lee style, but lumpier and scratchier. His ladies look good though!


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