Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dark Reign: Elektra #1

Wow. Hell has frozen over, and I really enjoyed a book starring Elektra. This is the perfect way to use her, as an engine of destruction kept in check by a despicable agency and hateful agents, so that when she gets loose, I can't wait to see her rip them apart. My favorite part of the issue was actually the HAMMER details that came out in dialogue. The repurposing of SHEILD would be a complicated thing and we start to see how that would play out in this. The line about how someone predisposed for torture would be limited in SHIELD but rewarded in HAMMER was really quite neat and gives a great glimpse into the world Norman Osborn is building. Elektra spends much of the issue tied up, but her eventual escape is handled so well that I'm looking foward to next issue. I am a bit disappointed that Paladin has totally degenerated into being a villain at this point, but I suppose that's ok as long as he remains something of a charismatic rogue. I did like him as an Avenger-for-hire back in the Roger Stern days though. Zeb Wells seems to be more hit than miss with me these days, and this is another strong offering. I'm in for the trade.

Clay Mann's art is really quite good. I don't know that I've seen him before, but I hope he gets more work. His take on Iron Man was neat and he did a great job differentiating faces on the many characters who show up in this.


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