Saturday, April 18, 2009

War Machine #4

Hmm. Is it a problem if I only like this comic when War Machine is interacting with Ares? I want to like this book, and I love the Jim Rhodes as a character, but it seems writer Greg Pak is doing his best work with Rhodey when he compares and contrasts him with Ares, the original war machine. We're getting more flashbacks from both of their lives, and I'm enjoying that aspect of the book quite a bit. The main plot of the Ultimo virus is fine for moving the plot, but seeing how these two men came to be what they are is really fascinating. I'm also happy to see Suzi Endo showing up again, this book has some real potential with the ensemble forming up the way it is. I'm not sure Jake Oh needs as much screen time as he's getting, since he seems to be a fairly generic soldier but if he turns out to be remorseful about his mercenary ways, he could end up being another good contrast with Parnell and Rhodey. I'm still on board for the title but I'm very worried that when Ares leaves, the book won't be able to hold my interest. But Pak has done a good enough job to get the chance, I'll be sticking around for a bit.

Leo Manco draws some pretty awesome faces in this one. His Ares is awesome. I do wish we could get more of the sleek War Machine though. I know he's built from a jet plane right now, but I want my silver and black Iron Man armor!


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