Saturday, April 25, 2009

Captain America 70th Anniversary Special

For a long time James Robinson was a writer that could do no wrong for me. The Golden Age is in my top 10 comic stories of all time, I loved Firearm, and Starman was in a class by itself. I don't find myself connecting to some of his current work quite as much. This was a pretty generic one-off story of Steve Rogers' heroism before he was chemically boosted into being Cap. I found it a little amusing how 4-F Rogers was able to do everything necessary to escape, he seemed pretty damn fit climbing up the back of a moving train and tackling a huge man off of it. He also slaps a donkey into charging on the street, and I was surprised to see that donkeys and carts were used in the mid-1940s in New York. Is that correct? It could be accurate, it just took me out of the story for a moment. The story also relies on a lot of coincidences, which weakens it a bit. The story is fine, but kind of unnecessary.

Marcos Martin draws one emaciated Steve Rogers here, yet he is pretty active and heroic throughout. Just a bit strange.


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