Saturday, April 4, 2009

X-Force #13

Cyclops comes across as a jerk once again here, as he teleports the unwilling X-Force team away seconds before they can save an old friend. I do have a problem with the lame-o Leper Queen (power-wise, anyway) being able to take out Hellion, Surge, and Boom Boom. These are some powerful X-trained characters, they shouldn't be taken out by what seems to be rednecks with guns. If this was just a plot point leading somewhere, I'd be more forgiving, but it seems that one of those three actually dies this issue, and this story certainly isn't important enough to be killing off established characters. Kyle & Yost do a decent job with their Wolverine dialogue, he's pretty likable and seems to understand his place in the X-hierarchy. Their take on Archangel is pretty neat too, with Warren trying to reign in his darker "Death" side and be a good guy. But he's a horseman of Apocalypse, so of course that isn't easy. Domino and Vanisher are fine in their supporting roles, it is only Cyclops who seems way too bloodthirsty and foolhardy. I'm really disappointed the current X-office thinks Cyke is a guy who would let 3 former students die to help Cable out.

Clayton Crain's art is a little less murky here, but it still looks too liquidy for me. His Archangel is awesome, but he draws supernatural stuff better than the hard action in this book. He's an artist who looks great when used to his strengths (like on Ghost Rider) but Mike Choi is a better fit for X-Force.


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