Friday, April 24, 2009

Guardians of the Galaxy #13

Oh Abnett & Lanning, you tricky dudes. The pair just keeps adding to their lineup, and best of all making it cooler and cooler. I LOVE the idea of the team splitting up, with Rocket and Star Lord each taking a team to stop a side of the War of Kings. Just a tremendous idea, especially the way Rocket Racoon claims all the big hitters right off the bat. The relationship between new member Jack Flagg and Star Lord is a really neat one, the characters are very similar with SL constantly prepping and explaining cosmic life to Jack. I also almost laughed out loud at the telepathy scene where Cosmo the telepathic dog sends a joke directly to Mantis and Moonstone's brains, that's just genius and one of the great little touches that makes this my favorite comic. Bug's constant ire about being left out of the first team is a great recurring bit too, especially how no one will ever answer him. I'm not sold on the new "Martyr" identity for Phyla-Vell, but having the characters be a little ill-at-ease makes it more palatable. It is amazing that a book with this many character moments can be crammed with this much plot. The teams actually arrive at their destinations, meet up with the Starjammers, and set up cliffhangers for next issue. (Ooh, maybe some of the Guardians might transfer over and reinforce the depleted Starjammers.) I never would have guessed this would be my favorite comic, but it is, and I'm not sure it is close.

Brad Walker's art is stellar. His new mask design for Jack Flagg is awesome, but I love how he draws the little things too. The leather couches in the Guardians briefing room, the way the body language varies from character to character (check out Martyr's slumped posture).


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