Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thunderbolts #130

I was actually very disappointed by this one. I had such high hopes for Andy Diggle's new team that I feel like I'm being let down when they actually show up in their own costumes for the first time. We have a fill-in artist who doesn't draw anything like the normal artist, and I think the team seems a lot less cool than they had been because of it. Their dialogue is totally different too. They seem more like morons than cool professionals like they had been. I understand and like that Deadpool is being portrayed as a real threat, he should be. The Tbolts should be losing since they just formed as a team, but here they seem like an existing team whose incompetence is well ensconced. I just didn't get the same vibe from this issue at all. I could almost believe it wasn't written by Diggle, that's how different it felt.

Bong Dazo's art is much closer to Paco Medina (artist for Deadpool) than he is to Roberto De La Torre. This issue is a complete departure from the mood established in previous issues. While Dazo does some things well (his take on Black Widow II and DP look good) some people look plain bad. Paladin looks like a doofus and I don't understand what that cauldron is doing on Headsman's back. This issue is a huge departure from the mood, story, and tone Diggle had established, so I'm really hoping he can get back on track. If someone came on to sample this issue, they'd have no idea what they are missing in a normal issue of Diggle's run.


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