Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Battle for the Cowl: Commissioner Gordon

I wasn't aware that there was such a rich history between Gordon and Mister Freeze. In fact after reading this issue, I'm pretty sure there isn't one. There are some references to something with some students, but I'm afraid I don't really know what either of prime characters are talking about. I'm also getting lost in just who is who in the GCPD these days. We had the fantastic cast set up in Gotham Central, but every case seems to be handled by Bullock and this new rookie cop these days. Where's the cool folks from the other book? Heck, couldn't we see Josie Mac as Bullock's partner? I'm also a bit bummed to see Gordon smoking again, since it was a pretty major plot-point back in the Alan Grant days to have the Commish give up the cancer-sticks. But I suppose it is a little much to expect adherence to a 15 year old story (25 years and I'd have better luck though, thanks Barry Allen!) It was also interesting how the general message of this issue was that the Gotham Police have been taking it easy for awhile, letting Batman handle everything. Pretty depressing if you think about it. Royal McGraw does an ok job with the dialogue, but the main plot seemed pretty unnecessary.

Tom Mandrake is always good, and he can draw moody like nobody else. This looked nice.


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