Thursday, April 23, 2009

Avengers: The Initiative #23

Christos Gage handles this issue in the opposite fashion from the previous one. Last issue we had some violence that didn't really further the plot, and frankly felt a tad padded. This issue has tons of plot movement and changes in status quo, setting things up nicely for the book moving forward. Counter Force (original New Warriors) is on the run (with Ultragirl rejoining the team), Gauntlet is guilt-wracked over his failings at Camp Hammond, the Shadow Initiative is lost and on their own in Madripoor (and about to face Bloodscream and Rough House), Osborn is shutting down Camp Hammond, and the remaining instructors don't know what's going on. I still say the team of teachers at the base could be a great core for a new book. Gargoyle, Stingray, Diamondback, and best of all Tigra would be a great team to see regularly. I think we'll get some of them though, so that's good, especially if rumors about Counter Force sticking around are true. I'm sure that Trauma and the Baron will be sticking around and it will be neat seeing how they interact with HAMMER and the corrupt Dark Reign. Between this and Mighty Avengers, the aspects of Dark Reign that interest me the most are being explored really well right now. Just because you don't like your boss doesn't mean you don't have to obey the law, so I'm looking forward to seeing which heroes can toe the line (at first). I could have done with a few less panels of Tigra with her hands over her belly, but I suppose that plot point is going to be front and center for awhile. I just hope it doesn't become the defining point of the character. I have a lot of faith in Gage's upcoming issues, and it seems he likes the same parts of the Marvel U that I do.

Humberto Ramos definitely draws better big action than he does talking heads. The too-large faces, hands, and feet that increase drama in a fight sometimes look very odd when characters are just standing around.


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