Thursday, April 9, 2009

Green Lantern #39

As much as I make fun of the rainbow of lanterns, I have to give Geoff Johns credit, he is actually addressing my number 1 concern. I had been very worried that there would be no differentiation between the different lanterns except for the color of their constructs, and while that is true with the Sinestro Corps, the Red, Blue, and now Orange corps seem to have their own thing going on. I'm not sure I understand the Star Sapphires yet, so I won't include them. In any case, this issue introduces Larfleeze, a pretty fun new character who seems to be (SPOILER) the one and only member of the Orange Lantern Corps. It seems the long-standing ban from the Vega system enforced on all GLs is due a long standing deal Larfleeze made with the Guardians. Now that the Controllers have interrupted him, and then robotic GL Stel violates the borders, Larfleeze wants vengeance. Lar's voice is entertaining throughout the issue, I loved how petty and whiny he seemed all the time. I am happy to see Stel, I love the idea of a robot who loves the justice of the Green Lanterns, I hope to see more of him.

The developments with Hal Jordan were not as good, since Hal is belittling the Blue Lanterns constantly, which leaves me pretty uninterested in them. Hal says all the things I think about them, so I hope he learns his lesson and starts to respect those lame-os soon, or they'll be written off for the reader. I'm still amused that the moronic guardians don't think anything is wrong with Sayd. She's so bonkers at this point, how can they not see it?

The art by Phillip Tan was pretty strong. He uses a ton of crosshatching, but his Larfleeze design is fantastic. His take on Stel was strong too.



Anonymous said...

i have to disagree with you saying the other lantern corps were the same. Blue can charge rings just by them being near. The constructs they make are from the mind of the person they're using the rings on. and i don't think the others can re-ignite/fix a sun.

red- did they even make constructs? they just spit that napalm/fire at people.

Timbotron said...

I actually was trying to agree with you. Only the Yellow corps does the same thing as the GLs, so I was trying to say I was happy that the blue, red, and orange are all different. I was unclear in my statement though, sorry!