Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Avengers #51

Bendis does do the talking well. This issue is mostly talking, with Dormammu lecturing the Hood, Dr. Strange chatting with Wiccan, and Clint Barton trying to wrangle the New Avengers into an actual team. I loved the Barton stuff most of all, of course, because all he's attempting to do is turn the team into a real team of Avengers with clear goals and objectives. I wonder if the character has enough drive that Bendis will alter his normal approach to the comic, where the New Avengers are usually bystanders. Bendis' scene with the Peter Parker reveal was amusing and a nice payoff for those who read Alias, and Cage's reaction was very funny too. I dug the check-in with Wonder Man on the news too, showing Bendis hasn't forgotten one of the few Avengers that was left without a home in Dark Reign. I'm not quite sure Wondy would just step out of the hero game so quickly, but I can understand his frustration at a government that would allow Osborn such levels of power. I probably would have preferred to see him become some kind of ex-pat hero or something, but hopefully we'll see more of him somewhere. Having the two most "Avengery" characters take over leadership of the team is a good move, and I'm looking forward to seeing how Clint and Ms. Marvel handle the team going forward. I'm also willing to bet that Cage won't be as ok with "stepping down" as he seemed to be. The best part of this story right now is that Bendis seems to be moving the story forward, and possibly the actual team members (at least Doc Strange) will help the story reach its resolution.

Billy Tan had a weird page with Peter and Jessica that ended strangely, or the dialogue seemed out of order or something, I was a little lost. Chris Bachalo's Hood pages looked fantastic, with the monstrous Hood coming at Strange and Wiccan being really quite frightening.


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