Thursday, April 9, 2009

War of Kings: Darkhawk #2

This is a tale of two reviews. I liked the backstory introduced about the raptors as cosmic gardeners shaping the development of galactic culture. The morphing armor and inclusion of a neat legacy really increases the potential for further Darkhawk stories. I didn't care for the silly anger management and rage issues or the artificial-feeling confrontation with Mickey at the hospital. Mickey/Turbo came off looking pretty selfish here, yelling and blaming her boyfriend while his Mom is lying in intensive care, so I totally ended up siding with DH and thinking he's better off without her. I think the Losers worked better as a throwaway idea rather than a concept that needs revisiting. If these heroes can't handle it, they should just retire, not follow around other heroes and convince them to give up. If I had to guess, I'd suppose that much of the raptor plot is set up by DnA for War of Kings, and the Losers-related material is CB Cebulski's contribution. No matter how it was created, the overall package remains average.

Harvey Tolibao's work has looked better in Avengers the Initiative. I could barely figure out what was happening in most of the fight with the hunter. It felt like a Transformers movie flashback, the spikes and glowing parts were so tangled together I couldn't figure out who was fighting whom.


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