Thursday, April 23, 2009

Walking Dead #60

Robert Kirkman sure can lay out the ominous scene or two. This issue has a few of them, with the most heart-breaking being poor Morgan's wandering through the abandoned farmstead and finding the dead kids who couldn't wait out the zombie apocalypse. I don't blame their parents for ending things that way, especially after Kirkman stated in an interview that he figured the family lived holed up in their house for a long time, but that when they ran out of food they couldn't bear the idea of hitting the road. So damn sad, but so damn realistic of what we'd get in a zombie world. The plot is fairly simple this time around, Rick and the others make a run back to camp and try to roust everyone before the herd arrives. They succeed, but tensions are flaring within the group. No one likes Morgan (except maybe Michonne), Dale is chafing at Rick's leadership, and now one of the twin boys is mutilating animals. That's bad stuff, and none of it bodes well for our group of survivors. I think it is amusing that Carl is turning into one hell of a survivalist. He's shooting zombies, looking for food, and now coming up with plans. Maybe he's the hero of the book now, actually.

I continue to be amazed how riveting Kirkman keeps this title, even on a plot-light issue like this. He does such a fantastic job with the characterization of his cast that each issue is too short.

Charlie Adlard continues with his consistent work on this title. I don't remember a single zombie from this issue, but the sad scene in the abandoned farmhouse is really sticking with me. So sad.


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