Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Invincible #61

Robert Kirkman channels the whole Image universe through this book. After last issue's fantastic "Invincible War" done-in-one crossover, the heroes of Image are all about cleaning up. Kirkman is quickly moving towards a new status quo by having the heroes accelerate the rebuilding process, which is a neat idea. I really loved how Power Plex, the new villain introduced a few issues ago, was helping the heroes until Invincible himself showed up. Plex thinks he's a good guy, so naturally he's doing good stuff until the object of his hatred reappears. I loved how guest-star Badrock got to deal with him too, it was a nice touch. The setup for the next storyline hits at the end, when the Viltrumite "ambassador" Conquest shows up. This is one grizzled dude. He tells Invincible that he's here to test the Earth, and if Invincible isn't doing a good job prepping the planet, he will do it for him. Invincible is justifiably in a bad mood, and is anxious for the chance to unleash on someone who can take it. I actually wonder if Conquest is going to be in trouble here... it could be a neat twist on our expectations. The rest of the issue deals with some nice rebuilding moments amongst the supporting cast. Cecil is setting up a new Guardians of the Globe with the survivors of the Teen Team and the Guardians. I was bummed to see Rex Splode seems to be really dead, and it was a downer when Invincible declined to join the team too. That said, the new team of Robot, Black Samson, Bulletproof, Monster Girl, Shapesmith, and Brit could be pretty darn neat. I assume Atom Eve will end up on there too, or at least she should.

Cory Walker is as solid as ever. I'm loving that he has stayed on this book as long as he has, giving it such a dynamic look for this long.


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