Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kick-Ass #6

LOL. Oh Mark Millar and your morals. I knew the Crimson Mist was shady, I just didn't realize how bad he was. He smokes pot though, so I should have known! The forward-looking part of the plot is pretty thin in this issue, as Kick-Ass is kind of getting into a status-quo as a "hero." Sure he gets upset enough to shout at his crush's window, but for the most part he and his buddy the Mist have things under control. Their biggest worry is if they form a team with Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, who will be their Wolverine? The meat of the issue is the wonderful origin of Big Daddy and Hit-Girl. It turns out he was a cop whose wife was killed by the mob, so he's trained his daughter to assist him with a lifetime of vengeance. I love the tragic nature of their relationship. Hit-Girl believes that once their revenge is complete, they may go off and have a normal life, but it is clear to the reader that this is not the case. Big Daddy won't ever be a normal guy again. The warped way he is raising his daughter is amusing and tragic. He is brainwashing and training her into being a killing machine, but at the same time he does love her and wants her to be happy. He only took on a code-name and costume to make her happy, but there will be no stopping for him. The book ends on a great cliff-hanger, because there is no way Kick-Ass can save the day now that he needs to. He's a poser and a doofus and it is probably going to cost a bunch of his "team" their lives.

John Romita Jr. does a great job on the flashbacks. His panels of Big Daddy tell the story clearly with no dialogue, cluing the reader in on what Hit-Girl can't see. Well done.


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