Friday, May 1, 2009

Action Comics #876

Wow. Ursa is turning into one horrible villainess. The issue is aboslutely brutal in it's depiction of Ursa taking on "Nightwing" and "Flamebird" (sorry DC, I just can't do it). Ursa has tracked down the two Kryptonians, and she proceeds to just dismantle the heroes. Flamebird gets it much worse, with Ursa using a fragmenting kryptonite knife to slash her up. The amount of blood and crying in these pages is quite high. I remember the days when Action Comics was really part of the Superman line, and how approachable it was (my wife used to read the Superman books). The violence and anguish in this book could be quite off-putting to most readers, I'd think, especially someone not used to the current DCU output. I'm still not really fond of either of the protagonists here, but Rucka keeps the conflict moving so well that I still liked the issue. Once Captain Atom shows up in the backups, I think I'll enjoy the book even more.

Ursa is a great new villain. She's full of pride, vengenance, yet she's also a coward. I loved the sequence when Chris Kent turns the battle around on her, her internal monologue is full of terror. Yet the moment he spares her, she is back to calling him weak. Using her solo like this, she gets developed into a truly despicable villain. I never felt anything about her back in the Last Son storyline, but now I can respect her evil-ness.

Eddy Barrows draws exciting comics. As I said, the conflict here is violent, savage, and over the top, but it worked for the story. After dropping the Super-books awhile ago (I missed Legion, Brainiac, and New Krypton) I'm glad I'm sampling the current variety of super-books. They do have a unique feel, even if they aren't what I look for in my Superman comics.


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