Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Action Comics #877

Wow, this comic is gory. Just the sheer amounts of casual blood lying around and caked on characters, in another media the corn-syrup blood would have to be bought in bulk.

Chris Kent heads back to Metropolis to have his partner healed up by Dr. Light. Not a lot more happens with Chris, since he heads back to the Fortress of Solititude where he convinces his mother there is nothing to be gained in fighting anymore. After all that violence last issue, Ursa just leaves her son behind, warning him that it isn't over. I am happy this issue focused so much on Chris. Since I hadn't been reading the super-books, I wasn't aware of the time-jump problems he got from Brainiac and I found this issue much more accessible than the first of the New Krypton story. I still don't know why General Lane is evil, who that woman in his HQ is, or why they're watching who they are. Is Lane watching all metas or just a select group? I did like that the observation of Dr. Light ends up damning Nightwing and Firebird even as Light saved Firebird's life. Evil government groups keeping tabs on heroes is always a good standbye idea, so I'm keen to see it play out. Lane needs more metas on his side though, I want to know his side has a chance when it finally gets outed. Where's Major Force?

Sidney Teles does a fantastic job aping the house style of Joe Bennett and Eddy Barrows in this one. There are panels that I could swear Bennett had drawn. Teles' own style comes out in some panels too, and I think we'll see more of him, he's pretty good.


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