Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #36

Peter Tomasi spends most of the issue convincing the reader that Sinestro is really Soranik Natu's father. Sinestro goes into great detail describing how it happened and all the different ways he kept tabs on his daughter through the years, including giving her that distinctive eye tattoo. I suppose I'm convinced enough. I still think it is contrived, but I don't really have a problem with an interesting character like Soranik getting elevated like this, she certainly will be more important to the Green Lantern mythos from here on. I also like how Sinestro is sounding more and more reasonable compared to the evil of the Black Lanterns and Sayd. Having the Sinestro Corps have so many astonishingly evil members makes it hard to side with Sinestro at all though.

Tomasi checks us in on the other stories too, first with Sodam Yat and Arisia on Daxam. Sodam tries to access the Ion power and go one-on-one with Mongul, but Sayd puts and end to that and won't let him access the power. Sodam is forced to go to great lengths to access his Ion abilities, and finally it seems he is sacrificing himself and blowing up. He's creating a yellow sun to empower his planet's population enough to throw off the Sinestro Corps occupation, which is actually a pretty cool idea. I'm also hoping he survives, he is a neat character.

I loved the update of the prison break on Oa but I hope we get more character moments next issue. The prison riot is shown through a sort of status report update, showing battles and fallout all over the planet, but there are no real character moments in the spotlight. I will say I was thrilled to see the warden-lantern Voz fighting on even though his eyes were burned out last issue. That is one tough lantern, with his great design, I hope he sticks around.

What can you say about Patrick Gleason who has been drawing this book for so long? He's perfect for the title and I hope he stays on for a long time. This is one crackerjack creative team.



Newmie Newmz said...

The only thing I think is blatantly hamfisted as well as a little bit silly (and maybe a little bit insulting) about the artwork is Sinestro's Hilter haircut.

I get it. He's evil. I don't need a Hitler reference to drive that home for me.

But that's a minor criticism on what is an otherwise strong and entertaining title.

Timbotron said...

LOL. I can see that, but it has never really bothered me, to be honest. Sinestro has looked so silly at times that I like his current yellow-eyed look.