Sunday, May 24, 2009

Captain America #50

There's not a whole lot to this anniversary issue of Cap, but it was fine for what it is due to some great art and a pretty comprehensive backup story. The main story has the Watchdogs (who I liked more in their old Mark Gruenwald incarnation) flying around with jetpacks and futuristic suits. They're trying to take out Winter Cap since he's not the real thing. There is an amusing bit where Winter Cap snaps a few pics and sends them back to Clint Barton for him to ID. It was amusing seeing such a low-tech option for the Avengers. Interspersed througout the attack is a series of flashbacks of Winter Cap's birthdays through the years. They were good character bits and a nice setup for the conclusion where the New Avengers have a party to celebrate Cap's birthday. It was quite nice seeing the team coming together as friends like that, showing they don't always need a crisis to force them together.

Luke Ross' art maintains the same feel as Steve Epting. In both the flashbacks and the current story everyone looked consistent with this volume of Cap. Again, I liked the old cheesy Watchdog suits better than these new generic flying suits. The Avengers looked good at the end with a fair amount of personality shining through in the "surprise" shot.

Marcos Martin's backup was very pretty. I like how he framed the character shots within shadows and other page elements. The whole backup was old info for me, but it was still neat seeing folks like Diamondback, the Machinesmith, and Crossbones get used.


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