Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The War That Time Forgot #11 & 12

Well, this series was an interesting conundrum. The thing I like most about it is actually a problem too. It turns out the crazy alien manipulators are future-Earth scientists trying to examine heroic soldier from the past in order to determine how to stop the future wars that destroy the Earth. These scientists don't want to hurt anyone, in fact, they try to step in and save people when they can and return them to their own time. I like that the evil overseers are actually somewhat benevolent, contrary to their spooky appearance. The problem is that their attitude renders the whole series kind of pointless. The heroes were never in a whole lot of danger. Another problem is how the final solution to the future-problem is kind of handled off-panel while series lead Carson gets tumbled around in a timestorm. In the end this series had a lot of running around, shooting, and dinosaur killing. Those elements of it were just fine, but the greater plot doesn't really hold together too well and makes it unlikely I'll ever re-read this series. I did like the character development on some characters I'd never read about like Viking Prince though. But it's bad that I can't even name who Titus and some of the other characters are.

The art in issue was great, with legendary (to me at least) Graham Nolan pencilling. That guy can draw action! Al Barrioneuvo returns for issue 12, and he's ok, but other than drawing a pretty sci-fi gal, I'm not a huge fan.


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