Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ms. Marvel #38

Well that was an odd issue. The book opens with a bank robbery involving lots of guards being killed, when the robbery is foiled by the new Ms. Marvel, Moonstone. I enjoyed the way she dealt with the thieves personally and how favorably the crowd is reacting. I think intitially, while the public has no idea what they are in for, things would move along fine. From there the book gets rather odd. Ms. M is forced to meet with a psychologist who starts making her re-live her past memories. It seems this dude is some sort of psychic, but he's pretty ineffectual against Ms. M. I definitely didn't recognize the psychologist character, and he seemed awfully wishy-washy for someone who planned to kill all the Dark Avengers. Very odd. I'm not sure why Brian Reed needed to have Moonstone kill her mother, it kind of removes any redeemability in the character. I realize she's been pretty despicable for awhile, but I still remember her trying to reform while she was with Hawkeye in Busiek's T-bolts. So basically I liked the parts with Moonie out as a hero, but her therapy session was much weaker.

Rebekah Isaacs style is reminiscent of Pat Oliffe's, giving the book a well-established feel. I was pleased that Isaacs didn't overdo the cheesecake factor, since I don't think that's how Moonstone would roll.


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