Thursday, May 28, 2009

Captain Britain & MI 13 #13

This comic is too good for us. As the Vampire Nation story continues, we have more fantastic development of Dracula as a tactical genius that makes him a fascinating adversary. I'm bummed but excited to see Spitfire finally turning and going up against her old teammates. How in the world Paul Cornell will have the team survive this is beyond me. We see Spitfire slash Faiza's throat, and I've got to say, Spitfire really doesn't seem like she's faking it. The status report obituaries for the rest of the team was a nice touch too, with the vampires even admitting that the Black Knight may return "as heroes often do". The set-up with Blade as the last surviving MI 13 operative is a great one, since he's the greatest threat to the vampire way of life. We may have the whole team survive, but with B and C-listers like this, they may just be dead too...

One of my favorite bits of Cornell's writing is the casual bits between the story high-spots. Blackjack Tarr's plan to change panicked civilians into stake-wielding mobs is genius. Osborn recognizing Wisdom as a "player" was great, and I can almost believe that Osborn would help if he could. Having Pym's real Avengers attempt to come to the rescue rang true too, proving them international heroes even if they can't do anything about this problem. Judging from next issue's cover, I'm hoping for some more obscure British heroes to get involved (like Motormouth, Killpower, Micro Max, and of course Union Jack). I'm going to miss Cornell's organized and careful approach to storytelling.

Leonard Kirk's pencils are great. The vampire scout attack on the team was spooky, but Spitfire's vampire-look was really terrifying. The quick drop of Faiza followed by Black Knight's freak out was well-choreographed too, I knew what was going to happen before it did, but as the moments hit, they were still upsetting.


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