Friday, May 1, 2009

Wolverine Origins #35

Well the X-Men came off a little more competently here. Colossus, Nightcrawler, Armor, and Cannonball all get to recover from last month's beatings and actually get a few licks in on Daken. Cyclops remains something of an arrogant doofus as team leader, but the rest of the team does get some comeuppance. I was impressed how quickly Daniel Way resolved the X-crossover and moved things along. It seems Daken was content to jsut break off a piece of the muramasa blade. I'm pretty sure I thought the blade was unbreakable, but I guess I was wrong, huh? In any case, Daken makes off with a shard of the blade and is planning to use it for some nefarious purpose. To use it, he needs the help of the Terrible Tinkerer, a classic Marvel baddie. With Nick Fury's help, Wolverine starts shadowing the Tinkerer, but Daken sneaks him out of Grand Central Station and into some old underground tunnels. Wolverine is left facing off with some bulky mutant who may or may not be a Hudson. I'll confess to being confused by all the inter-familial shenanigans going on with the Guardian's extended family. I guess they are tied into Romulus somehow, but I'm blurry on exactly how. The straight-forward parts of this comic are enjoyable enough. The X-fight, the interactions between Daken and the Tinkerer, they are both well put together. I do get lost in the byzantine sub-plots and betrayals of the Romulus back story though. I find myself kind of passing over that material since I can't follow it.

Doug Braithwaite is a good artist. I had really enjoyed his painted style that he had been using recently, but I'm happy to see his more mainstream style used in these last few issues. He's great at drawing injured and scratched up people and there are plenty of folks like that in this comic.


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