Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Irredeemable #2

Hah! This was basically "What if Lois Lane acted more like a normal person?" When her sweet admirer from her civilian life reveals himself to be her super-boyfriend the Plutonian, she understandably freaks out. Unfortuantely, this is just another step in "Tony's" breakdown. The civilians closest to him turned over his secret without a second thought. What I like about Waid's story is how easily it could break down into "evil Superman" territory, but it isn't going that way. Waid hits enough tropes to let us know where the parallels are, but he's creating a new superhero world here too. Kaiden is a neat new character with no analogue that I recognize. She's got neat powers and her changes in super-costumes provide a great contrast on her time as a hero, from the rookie befriended by Tony in the flashback to her more hard-core present self. Waid seems to be telling the story of the Plutonian through the investigations of his peers. It's a tremendous idea that lets us meet more and more original heroes while still advancing the overall plot. I'm really liking this series and I'm in for the trade.

Peter Krause's classic style works really well with the material. He's got the almost Silver Age style down, so everything looks right in the flashbacks. His work in the gritty present isn't quite as inspired, but it more than tells the story. Great stuff.


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