Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Mutants #1

Sometimes Marvel's nostalgiac attempts get kind of old, but this time I'm happy to see it. Zeb Wells does a really nice job reintroducing the surviving New Mutants, providing each of them with plenty of personality. Cannonball still wants Cyclops' approval, even now that he's moved up the big leagues. He has Cyclops' respect though, and that makes the interactions even more interesting. Sunspot is still a ladykiller, and he relishes it, but what makes him so interesting is how much he is obviously relishing getting the old band back together. Magma was always something of a blank slate, but by playing her against Magik and giving her this whole odd relationship with Empath, Wells is making her much more interesting. I liked the use of the New X-Men too, as they justifiably are feeling pretty annoyed with how everyone is just accepting Magik back into the fold. The main story is developing slowly, but the opening sequence of the little girl and X'ian attacked by creatures and the close of the box in the basement are both spooky and great cliffhangers for the characters involved. I think the team might need one more person to find the right balance, but getting Moonstar and X'ian in more active roles may fix that right up. Most of all, I'm surprised at how easily the idea of Cannonball's sub-team makes sense in the current X-universe, there is a lot of potential here, I'm sticking around for a few issues at least.

Diogenes Neves' art is new to me, but I like his style. The core cast looked great, I particularly enjoyed the different bodies he gives the ladies, they don't all look the same. The new costumes look like an interesting mix of the Morrison's New X-Men and the New Mutants' old costumes, but I'm not sure I'm sold on them yet.


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