Sunday, May 10, 2009

Superman #687

James Robinson is turing Metropolis into a bustling center of super-activity. At this point we've got Mon-El, Zatara, Guardian, Black Lightning, Steel, and the SCU all there to handle Superman's villains. I'd say that crew should be able to handle it, although I'm actually wondering where Atlas will fall in the good/evil debate. Mon-El is trying his best to take over for Supes, and he's got Guardian leading him through the whole secret identity thing, which is kind of fun. I was amused that the story opened with a battle against Shrapnel, as he seems to be a pretty common bad guy for opening arcs of new series (I know he popped up early in Judd Winnick's Outsiders). I really liked how Guardian commented on the more savage battle style that Mon-El uses, it makes sense that he'd be sloppier without all the practice that Supes gets. The sub-plot with Steel and Atlas is pretty neat. I'm confident that Steel isn't stupid enough to give away too much to a villain, so I'm hoping that he is actually trying to steer Atlas good or something (I don't know how evil he is since I just picked up the book again).

I will say that other than the Parasite, I'm totally lost on the sub-plots. I recognized Prankster, but don't know what he's up to. Who was that weird creature in a tank? The dialogue from Guardian had me hoping that Dubbilex might be back... I don't know who the military folks who want Mon-El are either. Fortunately, Robinson is keeping the main plot moving well enough that I'm sure I can catch up.

Renato Guedes' art is wonderful. The body language for each character is notably different and unique. I like his detailed style in the fights too, that whole sequence with Sharpnel looked great.


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