Monday, May 4, 2009

FCBD: Avengers

I was pleasantly surprised at this one. Of course, the price is right at a nothing, but even so, this would have been worth picking up. Brian Michael Bendis gives us a nice little done-in-one story of Ymir, leader of the frost giants as he attempts to take over the Earth. Spider-Man narrates as he calls in the New Avengers and they end up facing off against the Dark Avengers even in the shadow of this greater threat. I was pretty surprised at the huge part given to Ares here, he's pretty central to the story. He comes off as a hero too, albeit one on a team filled with maniacs and villains. Osborn seems to be a tad more heroic than I'm used to seeing him too. Surely this isn't the start of Tony Stark-level inconsistency in regard to his character, right?

Bendis does a good job giving us little blurbs about the most of the cast, with the Dark Avengers' nature really shining though. I'm not sure a new reader would get much out of the New Avengers as protagonists though, this really does feel like a Spider-Man story guest-starring Ares and his Avengers. But there is action here, and at least the Avengers actually resolve the threat themselves. I was especially happy to see Clint Barton talking about how the classic Avengers had faced Ymir back in the day. It's also nice seeing the skimpy nature of super-hero costumes come up as a drawback.

Jim Cheung's art looked great. His Dark Avengers looked wonderful, especially Venom. The snow creatures were spooky and the environment really conveyed the chill the characters were feeling. I've got to think this is a strong enough offering to get some people curious about Marvel's Avengers line. Of course, the difference between free and 3.99 is pretty huge. I'd be willing to deal with the smaller sized issue though, if the price point stayed at 2.99. Consider it, Marvel!


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