Friday, May 1, 2009

Thor #601

JMS continues his slow burn with an issue of Asgardian intrigue and wordplay. In this issue, Loki and Baldur verbally spar with Dr. Doom until they get agreement for the Asgardians to relocate to Latveria. There is some fun stuff with Thor and Donald Blake trying to figure out how screwed they are by the shattered uru hammer Mjolnir, but it turns out they should be able to switch back and forth if they have to. Loki also finally reveals some of the truth to Blake this issue. Loki confesses that he is in Sif's body, and that he should be able to leave it soon since his body is almost returned, but he claims to not know where Sif is. It's a nice bit of manipulation from the trickster. There are a bunch of pages devoted to some side-plots like the Warriors Three as they prepare to leave Asgard to rejoin the Thunderer on Earth. Maybe we'll get some fun nights in New York from the trio like that great old issue of Marvel Premiere. I'm not sure why we're getting so much time with the human/god romance subplot, but it is harmless enough. I will say, in a comic starring a thunder god with a giant hammer, sometimes I miss giant booms and people getting hit with hammers. It does have Doom using Wikipedia, though, so it's by no means a terrible issue. I may go back and actually count up the percentage of issues that had extensive smashing. I wonder how JMS' run will hold up?

Marko Djurdjevic does a good job pencilling in his own style while maintaining the look of the series so far. I would like to see him drawing some smashing though. Maybe if Thor rejoined an Avengers team...


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