Sunday, May 31, 2009

Planet Skaar Prologue #1

When She-Hulk has as big a role as she does here, I'm almost guaranteed to like the book. There isn't a whole lot to be found here, as Skaar arrives on Earth seeking our "King," the Hulk. There is some odd effect to Skaar's arrival that the gamma powered characters of the world are all tweaked by his arrival. She-Hulk and Hulk are drawn to him like magnets, while the Warbound are bugging out in the desert. Speaking of the Warbound, it was interesting seeing Osborn acting like a misunderstood good guy. He's "a big believer in redemption" so he pardons the Warbound! Is Greg Pak on the same page as the other Marvel writers? Osborn is supposed to a big jerk, right?

The Fantastic Four and She-Hulk are the main stars of the book as we see how they deal with Skaar. I liked how quickly Skaar gets a bad impression of Earth, seeing a coyote shot from a helicopter. With an introduction like that, I'm not surprised he lashes out at everyone. Pak has a few wonderful moments in the issue, like when the Torch decides that his favorite Hulk is the dumb green one, while Thing prefers the gray version, because that's the one he can beat. The new status quo for Skaar is a neat one too, it seems we have an adolescent Hulk on Earth now, one that changes back and forth between "human" and Hulk form. It's a neat idea that should be pretty fun to explore. I'm a tad worried that Skaar will hang out with this coyote for awhile, making him a little too much like Amadeus Cho. I'll be picking up the trades of the new ongoing if it holds up this level of quality.

I haven't seen Dan Panosian's art for awhile and I don't remember him being this good. His She-Hulk looks great and he gets to do some shots of her in burst clothes and others in her FF suit. He handles both well. His Hulk, Skaar, and Mr. Fantastic all looked good too. His Invisible Woman was a bit craggy when she's visible, but not awful.


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