Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Battle for the Cowl - Oracle - The Cure #3

It's a good thing Oracle fell down with her top button open so she could still breathe (and give the reader a nice cleavage shot too). Man, comics really are something, aren't they?

This issue concludes the Calculator and Oracle's race to find the anti-life equation that had been hidden on the internet. Oracle meets up with the programmer of Alta Viva, the online game where Calculator has been re-writing code and killing hackers. I liked the reveal that the programmer recognized Oracle from her librarian days, it was a nice little nod to the type of heroics normal people can perform. Kevin Van Hook makes an interesting choice in how he resolves the story. Oracle corrupts the equation and stops Calculator from using it to heal his daughter Wendy. Only Wendy happens to wake up from her coma at that moment anyway. The catch is, she's paralyzed. Now I had expected the equation would "fix" Oracle's paralysis, but it doesn't. So color me surprised: not only is the paralyzed character still in that condition, there is now a second genius-level heroine paralyzed from the waist down. It seems this is continued in the upcoming Batgirl title. I kind of wish I knew more about who was starring in that book since I have no interest in Cassandra Cain and will only pick it up if it is Barbara Gordon (or maybe Wendy, I suppose). It was interesting how Oracle retains a fear of both cameras and guns after her abuse from the Joker. Pretty darn upsetting if you think about it. Let me just throw out my plea once again, Batman, I know you don't kill, but the Joker is a worthy exception.

Fernando Pasarin's art is a little cleaner than Julian Lopez but they keep enough of a house style to keep things looking good.



Linnen said...

Man, those cover ARE embarrassing - and I think issue 3 was the LEAST ridiculous of the run. They were all just excuses to show cleavage, and it seems really out of place with this character.

I didn't read Birds of Prey, but I always enjoy it when oracle shows up in Batman books. SHe is a character that I have enjoyed for a long time. Unfortunately, I wish I could get my $9.00 back from this mini-series.

I didn't want them to heal her. Oracle is infinitely more interesting than Batgirl, but I did want this to be a complete and engaging story. As it was, it seemed to cut itself shot and I was never able to find any value to it.

Having said that, the scene you mention with the programmer knowing Barbara WAS a nice touch - best part of the story. Not good enough to make it all worthwhile though.

Timbotron said...

I'm right there with you preferring Babs as Oracle, I was just so sure it was going to go in the other direction that I found myself surprised!