Thursday, May 21, 2009

Deadpool #10

How about that. I decided to give Daniel Way another issue of his Deadpool series after he finished up the Thunderbolts crossover last month. I had been surprised that Way's Deadpool book was the stronger half of the story, even after I found the Tiger Shark story in DP's early issues entertaining too. Well at this point, I think I have to admit that Way writes Deadpool well. This new storyline has Norman Osborn so annoyed at DP that he puts one of his deadliest Dark Avengers on Wade's trail, that's right it's Bullseye time. (That "Respawn. LOL." bit was great). We do get to see Deadpool earning his money as a low-priced hitman, taking out a bullying jock. I like that the jock seemed like a real jerk so we can keep up the ongoing run of targets that deserve it. DP works best when he's a hitman who only kills bad folks. It was great seeing DP lowering himself to burglary too. It's kind of fun seeing this character down on his luck but still fairly oblivious to how far he's fallen.

The story really takes off when Bullseye arrives. DP's dialogue is quite amusing the whole time, yet it is interspersed with real competence during the fight. I loved that Bullseye was so frustrated that DP couldn't recognize him, it was a nice surreal moment that can really throw the reader for a loop. We don't know if DP is playing with Bullseye or really doesn't remember. I'm definitely picking up the rest of this storyline since it is playing to Way's strengths so well.

I even liked Paco Medina's art more than I usually do. The exaggeration was dialed back a notch and it improved the feel of the whole comic. Fun stuff.


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